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Hellenic Food Service SA

Hellenic Food Service – The Company

Hellenic Food Service is a big Distribution and Food Logistics company in Greece. It has a large network of Partners that cover the entire range of Customer needs. Utilizing the experience and know-how for many years, provide quality products and services with accountability. Hellenic Food Service continues to investing in New Technologies for better Operation and Customer Service.

Hellenic Food Service Fleet

Hellenic Food Service – The Need

New Technologies to give results, need appropriate support. As needs grow, technologies change, the proper management of the equipment and services is necessary for the smooth and secure operation of the company.

Hellenic Food Service – The Solution

My company CONNECT.NET.GR offer, sell, install and support various hardware and software solutions to any customer (as Hellenic Food Service is the last decade now). As the company invests in new technologies, we are the right partner for many years, which helps in the development and proper functionality of all processes. Hellenic Food Service use Oracle for the main database of company’s data, has a big Data Center also a Disaster Recovery Site. Manage Services from Gfi, Logmein and Mirosoft gives to the IT infrastructure a big advantage for Remote Administration and Support. Acronis Backup and Recovery with a NAS provides the full backup solution. Company have a variety of Software for the modern operation of processes in all sectors (sales, support, distribution, storage) like an ERP, Reporting, Sales, Web Apps etc.

Hellenic Food Service – The Future

As the company grow, the need for Cloud transition in some procedures like email, team management and communications is necessary. Office 365 and Windows 10 is the Total Solution that will help end users, managers and accountants to work together as a team. Also, the Management decision for “Branding” give us some goals to achieve in social networks for the beginning (like Facebook) and give the name of “Hellenic Food Service” awareness that deserve.

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