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Express Interfracht Hellas

Express Interfracht – The Company

The Express Interfracht Hellas SA is a Logistics and International Transport Company (Storage and Distribution). Member of Rail Cargo Austria, owned warehouses in the industrial area of Sindos in Thessaloniki, with a bypass rail line and a direct connection to the existing rail line of O.S.E. (Greek Rail Company), provides transport services to and from the Balkans, south-eastern and central Europe and in the Middle East. The company also operates a closed system train line for Central Europe to the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Fyrom, Serbia.

Express Interfracht – The Need

The Express Interfracht based on new technologies in order to provide High Quality Services. The need for full coverage of Computer and Telecommunications were the key questions asked solutions. At the same time, the growth of the company require increasingly guidance to use the new technologies with more functionality and security.

Express Interfracht – The Solution

My company CONNECT.NET.GR originally covered the need for control and maintenance of computer network and telecommunication infrastructure. After analyzing the true needs of the company, we choose the solution of Microsoft Exchange Online to cover the e-mail management. This solution solved many problems like Mobility (users who are constantly moving), Safety and Functionality. Old e-mail servers was removed, so the control and maintenance process in now simplified (on the Cloud). For Data Security we select the Acronis Backup and Recovery, a software to secure  the Data Backup (databases, file database, image of users O/S, etc.). Also, installed a Cisco NAS for the data storage. The ESET Endpoint Protection suite with an advanced Firewall and Web Content Filtering meet the needs of Security and Control of the company’s Internet Connections.

Express Interfracht – The Future

Using Microsoft Exchange Online to manage the e-mail system was the Beginning. Already analyze and design a solution with Microsoft SharePoint Services to create Sales Management and Reports, Corporate Intranet, Team Working and more. The immediate plans are to use other services like Microsoft Skype for Business for the on-line communication of company’s executives from any device, anywhere in the world. Using Cloud Services (like Office365), the company is more competitive in the industry of Rail Transportation, and look forward the future with more confidence.

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