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Conextrans – The Company

The Conextrans SA is a International Freight Forwarding Company. With offices in Greece and Bulgaria, provide High Quality Transportation Services to and from Europe and the Middle East with consistency and low cost.

Conextrans – The Need

Conextrans services based on new technologies in order to provide high quality services to partners and customers. The need for full coverage of Computer and Telecommunications were the key question asked for solution. One of the main issues was the Security of Corporate Data and the ability for users to work from anywhere with any device so that the company operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Conextrans – The Solution

My company CONNECT.NET.GR covered the need for rationalization of Computer Equipment checks, upgrades, expansions and Licensing of the Operating Systems. After analyzing the needs of the company, was chosen the solution of Microsoft’s Office 365 services for managing company’s e-mails (Exchange Online), the use of services such the OnrDrive Cloud storage and file syncing to cloud, Sharepoint Online Services for file sharing services and security levels, and the Skype for Business as telecommunication tool with unique capabilities that only very large companies have the opportunity to use. Ofcourse using the latest version of Microsoft Office has enabled all users to use tools such as Co-Authoring for simultaneous processing eg Excel files and compatibility between them. The ESET Endpoint Protection in conjunction with an advanced Firewall and Web Content Filtering meet the needs of security and control of the company’s Internet connections.

Also a backup software (Acronis Backup and Recovery) with a QNAP Network Storage give a full solution to company’s databases, local files and O/S

Conextrans – The Future

We design and implement a full VoIP solution for cutting the Voice costs up to -70%. Sharepoint Online will be the right tool for company’s Teams for collaboration.

The selection Office365 gives the advantage of low cost for development Conextrans, and usability of any device chosen by the user (smartphone, tablet, laptop, Office PC) to promptly and communication solutions to issues arise at the last minute due to the particularity of International Transport.

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