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Mistakes in Time Management that destroy productivity

We all have 24 hours a day. Sometimes however, we seem to be insufficient to bring out all the work entrusted to us.

But why some people manage to achieve so much more than us?

The answer lies in good Time Management. Those who achieve many, know how to effectively use their time and avoid common mistakes that we all do.

Learn how to master your time avoid the below pitfalls:

Pitfall No 1: a DIY schedule

Are you insist to check or do all the work because you do not trust anyone else? It’s time to learn the art of saying “yes” to people and not to the task. This ability will help you impose yourself and manage your time more effinciently.

Pitfall No 2: Multitasking

When you try to work on several tasks or projects at the same time, one thing is certain: You can not do it all right! A more effective approach is to remove things from your list and put one at a time by setting the deadline. You will be thrilled when you see your performance and your productivity catching fire!

Pitfall No 3: Distraction

One of the most important tools to gain control of time and give you the best at work is to minimize distractions and manage any hassles and interruptions. Learn to turn off your phone and notifications you receive from your email and social media. Practice to be focused on what you do and improve your alertness so you learn how to manage distractions.

Pitfall No 4: Procrastination (yes, that bad attitude!)

When you postponed important tasks, that brings guilt and stress, while a sense of threat hovering at you. At the end, you end-up executing your work together with others at last moment. That will have an impact on your overall performance and quality of your work. Finally at the end of the day, you leave the office without feeling satisfied with yourself and your work. From my experience:

Never put off something that you can do today for tomorrow

Pitfall No 5: Act without Aim

If you do not have clear and preset goals, you will encounter obstacles as your work lacks purpose and direction. When you have goals, you know exactly how hard you should work to achieve them. But when you go from day to day just doing what comes your way, you end up with insignificant or even no results.

Pitfall No 6: Busy-ness

Some people think that being busy all the time makes them automatically and productive (!!). However, this does not always help them to be faithful to deadlines. The word “busy” is not synonymous with the word “effective”, so it is good to relax.

Pitfall No 7: Misplaced Priorities

The easiest way to waste time is to not be able to recognize what is important and urgent. When you put everything into priority situation as urgent, you can not deal with what is really important. Always start with the ones that are major importance. Put aside all insignificant and set prioritize anything important.

Conclusion: You need a lot of effort and will to not give in to these traps, but knowing theme is the first step for success!


(There are many tools that can help you manage your time. Microsoft Outlook is a  tool you can use daily to manage tasks, emails, appointments and contacts from any device at any time of the day, wherever you are. Microsoft Outlook is part of Office 365 Cloud Services – that can change the way that you work). If you interest to learn more about Office 365 please fill free to contact with me.


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