How to keep your clients happy

Why is this important?

To stand out from the competition is important to have good practices in customer service. Don’t forget that whether you have a small or a large business, the common point is your clients. Bad relations with them can be translated into loss of profit. Good relations can boost your profit and give you feature success.

Remember: Clients is everything! Without clients you have a business that does not make money. Clients is the center of  your financial resources. If you and your employees work together for customer satisfaction, the results  is always positive.

Follow these simple steps to keep your clients happy:

Know your client

There are 2 ways to do that: To meet with their name or to remember their preferences. The ideal is to remember both because it allow you to build a professional relationship on a personal level. Learn and USE CRM solutions (Customer Relationship Management) and try to keep in your database everything that will help you to get close to your customers and satisfy their needs.

Recruit the Best

… or if you hire “low grade” employees who are not really interested for their work, probably they will not care for customers too. This can damage the relationship with your customers in no time. Your employees or the outsourcing partners will play an important role in the overall success of your business. Set as principle to hire qualitative employees who they take care for customer relationships.

Treat employees well

By hiring the best people to do the job, then follows the responsibility of proper behavior. If you are a “bad payer”, if you demand too much from them, if you behave badly to your staff, it is more likely to disregard you and your business.

an employee who cares for your business will also cares for your customers and will treat them in the same way

Quick response

Nothing is more frustrating to a client when he trying to communicate with your company and ends up to find it inaccessible. We live in a fast-paced world where time is precious. Most of your clients don’t have 20-30 minutes to wait on the phone for you to response. Also frustrated when they send an email and wait days to answer. A basic rule for good customer service is to make sure that your business is always accessible and respond quickly to all incoming calls or messages. Eg, a well configured call center will do the job.

Show your appreciation

Many companies believe to their customers, but they never show it. You need to find time to provide special offers or discounts to your regular customers. A small cost from your side will create loyalty to your company. Guess what: loyal customers will bring other prospective customers to your company.

Ask for customer feedback

Is there a company that do everything right ? NO! So, you can learn from your mistakes by asking your clients to offer any kind of comment or  valuation for your business. This will be especially helpful when it is anonymised, eg fill in a form of a questionnaire. Use this advice often to evaluate your performarce.

The customer is always right

Well, this is not always possible, but companies that adopt this posture build better relationships with their customers. You must admit that the final customer is the one who buys your product or service. If they do not stay happy, you will end up losing them. Just make sure that your customers’ demands are always within reasonable limits.

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