How Successful People do more in 24 hours

… while we want more than a week !!

There are super-skilled people that have the same hours of the day with the rest of us, but oddly enough, always doing more than us.

How do they manage this ? How can i do it ?

Full dedication and commitment

Whatever you do at this time, do it fully committed, dedicated. Get Bound! When you see a runner in the Olympics to pass the obstacles with agility that surpasses human capabilities, you see him distracted? Offcourse Not! He is 100% committed to what he does. And as you can see by his success,

devotion leads to greatness

What do you do when you feel that your mind is traveling away from the present? Josh Pais, creator of Commited Impulse, trainer of actors, speakers and entrepreneurs, proposing to say out loud “I came back!” whenever you feel yourself to get away. It actually works !

Multitasking NOT!

Incomings in your email, on Instagram, on Facebook, on Twitter, a hilarious viral video and an advertising for great deals from your favorite website is probably just some of the tabs you have open in your browser, distracting your attention when at the same time trying to accomplish a specific task to work.

Multitasking has become a norm.

However, the human brain is not designed for multitasking. In fact, some research has shown that we are horrible at it. When you try to do several things at once, you lose your concentration, more likely to make mistakes and the project that you have to implement get you more and more time.
Close anything distracts you – even if it means for example to lock your cell phone in a drawer. It may seem extreme, but this is worth a try.

Ban the “Friendly Interruptions / Disturbances” at any cost

You are working on a project. You are fully committed to it and make excellent progress. Then, a colleague is going through your office. “I’d like a little of your time to see this,” he says giving you a reference. Then you look, tell him your thoughts and he leaves. This is takes no more than a minute. Unfortunately, this small pause spoiled your concentration. You need at least 23 minutes to return fully to your work.
Super-skilled people believe that this interruption kills productivity, so avoid them in whatever cost.

Hung out with “Super-Achiever” friends

You’ve probably heard the expression “If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re probably in the wrong room”.  The same goes for productivity and accomplishments! Try to be surrounded by people who give you energy and inspiration. Choose to spend most of your time with them. Try surrounded by super – achievers as often as possible. But be careful not to be antisocial with others… 

Prevent negative feelings

When you allow yourself to create negative feelings or emotions – such as confusion, anger, disappointment or dislike about yourself, you can easily be redirected to a catastrophic way. Sooner or later, all these feelings that will gather inside you will be ready to be manifested in various ways, which will hurt your professional performance.
Super-skilled people know how to manage their feelings. Find a strategy that will work for you. You’ll know it’s working because you feel a sense of relief and release.

Conclusion: Devotion Leads to Greatness

(take a look at the Infographic below about Successful and Unsuccessful People)

Successful People do

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