5 Tips for Being Productive when Working from Home

Unlike an office environment, at home there are a ton of temptations and distractions that can easily sap your productivity and your career trajectory. But there are ways to keep your motivation and productivity high.

Here is how:


1. Have a dedicated office space

Some of the most productive remote workers are the ones that have a dedicated room or office space in their home that they go to each morning. You need to have an organized space in your home so that you can work with limited distractions.

Also, you need to setting some boundaries for when family members can enter the office. If you want to keep your home office void of distractions, close the door and establish rules of engagement during work hours.



2. Get comfortable

Because an uncomfortable workspace isn’t going to encourage you to become productive at your homework, make sure that your desk and your chair are both comfortable to work during the day (working from the couch is in contrast with the first tip). Adjust the Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse to proper height and setup your work environment to suit you as best you can (having a clean and tidy desk will help you feel more productive and organized)

Take care of lighting, being warm / cool enough and use a decor that makes you happy!


3. Get Organized

Organization is necessary for remote or home workers because you don’t have your boss breathing at your neck and making sure that your work is getting done. You need to layout your work that you plan to tackle during the week. Update the list daily. Give necessary time at Friday planning ahead for next week workload. Learn to work with time-blocks.



4. Start working at fixed time

Give yourself a fixed time to begin and treat it just as seriously as you would if you were going into the office.

You also may want to start much earlier than a normal working day (you don’t need to wait at traffic, metro or bus station going to your office) and also end up earlier (if your client / boss can handle that).



5. Take schedule breaks

While you work from home, its easy to end up working for hours without taking a single break at all. That’s not good for your work and not make you productive.Schedule time breaks (as you would do it if you were in the office). You’ll feel refreshed and ready to work when you get back from a break.

You’ll need to keep the breaks under control (its easy to do some cleaning, cooking, babysitting things while you are at home).

And something to keep in mind:

Working from home shouldn’t mean that work eats into every moment of your life!

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