Hello, my name is George Xanthopoulos

Information Technology Expert

I have more than twenty-five years as a professional in the field of Information Technology. I help many companies to strengthen their position in the competition through Information Technologies, giving and implementing Integrated IT Solutions. In my Website, you can get an idea about who I am and what I’ve done all these years of experience.

  • NameGeorge Xanthopoulos
  • Year of Birth1972
  • e-mailgxanthop@connect.net.gr
  • Address28 Lakonias Str. | 56224 | Thessaloniki | Greece
  • Phone0030 2310 559485




  • Microsoft
    2004 - 2016

    • September 2016 i recognized as an Silver Microsoft Partner
    • April 18, 2008 i recognized as a Microsoft Certified Partner
    •  Certificate of Achievement:
    • (2395) Designing, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for the Small and Medium-sized Business
    •  Certificates of Completion:
    • Microsoft Partner Network Sales and Services Assessment for Microsoft Online Services
    • Microsoft Partner Network Sales and Marketing Assessment for the Small Business Specialist Community
    • Microsoft Partner Network Technical Assessment for Microsoft Office 365

  • New Horizons
    2003 - 2007

    Certificates in:

    • Project Management
    • Linux Professional System Administration
    • Linux Security
    • Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL


    Certification of Completion: ClearBurst MB, Remote Stations Installation and Maintenance

  • I.E.S.E. Private School

    Analyzing and Programming Computer Systems

  • E.U. Subsidy Program

    Entering & Using Computer Systems. First Level Programming and Analyzing

  • Pro Technical High School – Electronics Dept.

    Electronics Dept.


  • Business IT Consulting 660

  • Cloud Technologies 640

  • Project Management 620

  • Pre-Sales Support 620

  • Telecommunications 660

  • Internet Marketing & Web Design 550

  • Hardware/Software/Network Installation 660

Work Experience

  • CONNECT.NET.GR (owner)
    2002 - continue

    Those years of experience in the IT field, force me to build-up my business: CONNECT.NET.GR. My purpose is to support Companies in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Internet and Security. As a Consultant, Reseller, Installer and Supporter, i have gained more experience than ever. I build strong and  trusted relationships with my clients. I build cooperations with some of the biggest IT companies like Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, HP, IBM, Dell and more. I learn to give Integrated IT Solutions and Knowledge for High Technology to my Customers.

  • Infoquest
    2000 - 2002

    Infoquest is a big IT Company, focuses in Hardware & Software Sales and Support. My status: Telecom Pre-Sales Support, Field Service Support, Customer Helpdesk.

  • ErgoData
    1998 - 2000

    The IT Dept. of Ergobank SA (Banking Sector) was ErgoData. My status: IT and Telecom Dept. Supervisor and i have under my responsibility lot of Bank branches. My main occupation: Network Installation, Server Maintenance, Telecom PBX Installation, End User Support, Field Service Support. ErgoData was merge with Infoquest, my next employer.

  • Infobank Alphabank
    1995 - 1998

    I work as a Customer Technical Support Enginner for IT Infrastructures. My roll was  In House and Field Service Technician providing support for Business Software, Computer, Server and Network Installations, Internet Connections e.t.c.

  • SysTel
    1994 - 1995

    Making my first steps in Information Technology, SysTel give me expertise as a Pre-sales agent and Product and Technical advisor. I got enough experience while associate with big companies understanding their needs.


  • Analyzing
  • Designing
  • Implementing

  • Training

  • Supporting

  • Future Successes



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Contact info

Thessaloniki is a very famous city in Greece. My office is in the west side, near the port and the national highway. I always answer at phone and read my emails very often.

  • 28 Lakonias Str. | 56224 | Thessaloniki | Greece
  • 0030 2310 559485
  • gxanthop@connect.net.gr

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